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About US

ManAsset Staffing Solutions® is a consultancy company which combines its experience in each step of human resources with the technology and presents them under one roof from A to Z. Since 2005, it has provided service on the global companies’ level with its international partners and it has simultaneously applied human resources solutions and technologies up to today. NEW GENERATION human resources solutions are provided with the 100% customer satisfaction principle to a lot of national and international organizations.

ManAsset Staffing Solutions:

ManAsset aims to produce world class service and develop customized solutions which are suitable to their dynamics and structure and to move them into global and technologic platforms.ManAsset, having conducting successful projects in a lot of sectors since 2005, has proceeded combining its knowledge and experience of human resources and work processes in all of its projects. It understands the process owners and the logic and demands of working units and creates a human resources structure according these needs. It knows that every organization has its customized needs and raises the structure it established on these needs. ManAsset, which sets off with the motto “If you measure, you can improve”, acts as the business partner of the company which it helps and designs measurable and sustainable organizations. 

Business Principles

  • We adopt the total quality principle in all processes we conduct and all projects we organize.
  • Privacy, ethical values, trust based approaches, proved methods, speed, flexibility, effectiveness and technology are our core business principles.
  • We produce result-based, value added, proactive, holistic and creative solutions.
  • We realize the importance of time, money, labor and production and we show it not of words but of our deeds.