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As ManAsset, we use evaluation and development tools for use in recruitment, team building, management development  and career development processes for finding the most appropriate talent, ensure the development and retention to our clients organizations.

Our innovative test and survey design that we used for recruitment and development process allows you to recruit the right people and retention.

The services that we provide;

  • Personality Inventories
  • Compliance Task Analysis
  • Ethical Values Surveys
  • Situational Judgement Assesments ( Case Study) 
  • Talent and Skills Tests
    • Numerical Aptitude Tests
    • Verbal Ability Tests
    • Abstract Logical Aptitude Tests
    • Special Cognitive Ability Tests
      • Short Term Memory
      • Observation Ability
      • Learning Capacity
      • Concentration
      • Multi Tasking Capacity
      • Space Perception
      • Visual Ideas
      • Perceptual Speed
      • Hand – Eye Coordination

All Questionnaries and reports are intuitive, reliable, hardware-independent, can be presented in different languages, have valid results, can be completed in a maximum of 20 minutes, scientifically proven  and easily integrated.

  • Improve the quality of your HR decisions


Sustainable competitive advantage can only be achieved through people. Therefore it

is essential to have the best employees in the right place at the right time.


  • How do I identify the best employees?
  • What personality traits are essential for each position?
  • How can I recognise these quickly and easily?


With personality questionnaires, we measures exactly those personality dimensions which are vital to the quality of your HR decisions.


  • Increase employee motivation


Employee motivation is a critical success factor for institutional development.  Motivation analysis offers a starting point from which an employee’s performance and competencies can be developed further.


If you want to know the motivation indicator owned by the candidate, please contact us.