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Search and Selection

Manasset Staffing Solutions® provides qualified human resources to national and international companies, and manages the expectations, working styles and communication styles of the new generation in parallel with the company cultures. Sometimes both the candidate and the company are right, however sometimes someone need to translate.

  • We have the capacity to contact with highly qualified and competent candidates from among different sectors in finance, IT, telecommunication, accounting, marketing, sales, production, engineering, technical, office management, law and human resources areas.

  • We arrange all of our services in accordance with your needs. We improve and offer the most cost-effective and optimum personnel selection model for your company by considering your demands.

  • By making the Job Interviews, our consultants focus not only the job related technical skills of the candidate but also personal characteristics which are directly associated with success. Because, we believe that only a consultant who are acquainted with the candidate can canalize the customer and suggest the proper candidate correctly. Qualification always takes precedence of quantification for us.

  • We work closely with our customers to understand the personnel needs and expectations. We find the best candidates by analysing your expectations detailedly.

  • We handle the manual labour, in other words, you examine less profiles, interview more qualified candidates so that way, you spend less time and money for recruitment.

  • Having one authorized person, one billing address and qualified management reports provide our customers to follow the complete “Selection and Placement” process in their corporations.

  • Before the Interviews that you and candidate going to make, we give the necessary information to our candidates about the corporate and position to save time for you and to provide our candidates having correct job placement.

  • We always pay attention to be systematic and stay our course by considering the cause and effect relations.