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Career Management System

  • If the companies manage the career targets and expectations of their employees properly, they can increase their commitment to the company and the productivity. It is substantial and necessary for a healthy grow in the company, if the employees manage their own career, determine their targets and work in the direction of these targets. The fact that targets of company and its employees are parallel and the expectations can be expressed explicitly and there is a systematic, reliable and fair career management system will increase loyalty of employees to the company, positive development of the company and enable company to be a preferred employer. When there is not any career map which motivates the employees, the institutional performance will drop. A successful career management covers personal satisfaction, life/work balance and financial guarantee. This period starts when the personal and corporate targets are determined.

  • Manasset Staffing Solutions® constitutes a well-developed and applicable career management where personal and corporate targets are met by increasing the awareness of the employees and determining their career plans.