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Founder of ManAsset, Derya Türkkorkmaz, presented TALENT 4.0 and Digital HR Transformations to the HR professionals of the French companies in London at the invitation of the French Chamber of Commerce.
Founder of ManAsset, Mrs. Derya Türkkorkmaz talked about the TALENT 4.0 and Digital HR Transformations to GOSB companies' HR professionals at the invitation of GOSBİK, which was the initiative of the Gebze Industrial Zone.
We are delighted and proud to announce that, we have been chosen as winner of WEConnect International's best solution pitching competition with our epochal innovation WinnerInno, the first, unique, customized and distinctive mobile application. WinnerInno is designed for all sort of companies and organizations regardless of their scale and sector. WinnerInno users believe that human is the most valuable resource for sustainable competitive advantage and they want to make a difference with the power of this resource. 
We realized the Effective and Strategic Human Resources Management Seminar at Bilkent CyberPark. We talked about the importance of Human Resources departments in organizations, the importance of alignment between business strategy and HR strategy, talent management and managing generational differences.
We realized the Effective and Strategic Human Resources Management Seminar at ITU ARI Teknokent. We talked about Strategic Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Employer Brand, Corporate Culture, Retention, Engagement, Employee Satisfaction, Performance Management, Fee and Career subjects. Also we talked about HR Digital Transformation which is one of the hot topic for HR professionals.  
For more sustainable development, human rights, good working conditions, fight against corruption and a livable environment, ManAsset Staffing Solutions became a signatory to the UN Global Compact 
Derya Türkkorkmaz had placed in Entrepreneurship Summit at Gebze Technical University and shared her own experiences about entrepreneurship and innovation.
ManAsset Staffing Solutions was certified from Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). The companies who works with ManAsset and the member of KOSGEB, will be able to apply for appropriate investment incentives.
ManAsset Staffing Solutions shared "Talent Management Technologies" with the participants and met with college students in East Marmara Human Resource Fair. This year, the theme of the fair was "Career Applications". During the fair, ManAsset presented the applications in the human resource functions and the next generation of talent & career management technologies.
While a new CEO is searched for a company, it is looked at other qualifications of the candidate along with his/her field of expertise. “Companies look at the companies where the candidate worked before and how s/he improved this company and how many people s/he worked with and how much budget s/he used. It is important how s/he raised the profitableness” says Derya Türkkorkmaz, Manasset Staffing Solutions® Managing Partner. Capital İş ve Ekonomi

Derya Türkkorkmaz, Turkey Country Manager of Kelly Services, states they are glad to be a part of the one of the biggest organizations in Turkey in recent years and said IMF and World Bank meetings are considered as one of the most important organization in the world.

All around the worlds, women earn less than men. The numbers of this reality are so shocking in Turkey. “Women are more dominant in service sector. That’s why they earn equally with men in service sectors such as tourism, consultancy and education,” says Derya Türkkorkmaz, Manasset Staffing Solutions® Managing Partner. Capital Ekonomi
Employees are worried about “inadequacy”. According to a study, 8 in 10 people in Turkey believe that the present skills they have will lose their importance within next five years. There are lots of people thinking that they will not be qualified for the duties asked from them.

Now the candidates search for the companies and evaluate them. We see new graduated students who refuse the job offers from world’s leading companies. We get such answers “The Company is perfect. It is one the best I can imagine, however the position you offer me does not correspond to my career plans.” We talked in Capital Magazine

Türk şirketleri için rekabet, fiziki pazarların ötesine Facebook, Twitter gibi sosyal medya kanallarına taştı. Capital Dergisinin haberi.

Women in Engineering, shortly WIE, aims to point out and to raise awareness for the difficulties in the engineering and business life of women. However, IEEE WIE is the biggest international trade body which aims to make women more active and creative in engineering and social fields. METU WIE sub-branch, which is under the roof of METU IEEE organizes many events and seminars in that purpose.

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) held its final event, which it organized in 10 universities throughout Turkey in 2012 with the support of JP Morgan Chase Foundation, in DEU conference hall of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.  Manasset Staffing Solutions® attended “10th KADİGER Career Days” event and gave information to students about recruitment process, difficulties in business life and career targets.