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AON Assessment Solutions

As a Turkey partner of AON Assessment, we offer excellent solutions in the career development process such as finding the most appropriate skills, to ensure retention and development, recruitment, team building, management development.

Talent Assessment: Proven. Engaging. Forward-Looking.

Aon's talent assessments take the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level. Our solutions are brand-supporting, innovative, engaging and employ the best of AI and psychometric advancements. Our clients achieve game-changing results:

Improved  Performance by       Profit  Increased by         Reduced time-to-hire by    Increased  Tenure by

   % 36        50%         40%         25%

Solutions That Work

Power your talent strategy. Whether finding and securing or identifying and developing the right talent, Aon's Assessment Solutions help organizations define, align and transform their people strategies. 

 Talent   Acquisition                                                Delopment and Retention                        Transformation at Work

Assessments to engage candidates,                         Realize potential, engage employees         Adapt your strategy for rapid change,

focus quickly on top potential                                     and retain key performers to                       industry convergence and the digital 

and win best-fit talent.                                                achieve business results.                            revolution.


All Questionnaries and reports are intuitive, reliable, hardware-independent, can be presented in different languages, have valid results, can be completed in a maximum of 20 minutes, scientifically proven  and easily integrated.