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In order to adapt to the new economy after COVIT-19, Operational Excellence must be your priority. According to the research of ManAsset, developing new ways of working; It is inevitable to become a cost-oriented structure where the layout plans, harmonies, responsibilities, use of remote technology and information security are harmonized and performance is managed in all areas. ManAsset supports companies in this transformation with its technology-supported methodology, so that you can stay away from efficiency while adapting to the new economy. It ensures that the adaptation process to the new economy is managed with an independent, objective and data-based approach with ManAsset Operational Excellence services.
ManAsset operational excellence approach is an agile and lean approach to cost reduction and solution of existing problems. Using cloud technologies and business analysis technologies, it offers an approach that focuses on critical issues and generates fast solutions with business intelligence applications and analysis tools. The ManAsset approach aims to achieve zero error, zero accident and zero stop goals, increase equipment efficiency and reduce work accidents with work study, activity analysis, sampling, assessment methods. While using the technology to achieve this goal, it enables the production efficiency and office efficiency to be increased in cooperation with the employees and to review the roles and responsibilities in the organization at every stage.
ManAsset reinterprets TPM, Lean, FMEA and 6 Sigma approaches with an Agile methodology; It provides cost savings to companies in different problem areas with data management and analysis in different processes from information systems to production with an analysis, technology and communication oriented approach.
With Assessment, stock optimization, set-up analysis, line balancing, reduction of speed losses, FMEA, MRP parameters analysis, raw materials, maintenance materials analysis and simplification, we reduce your costs and accelerate your company in the journey of operational excellence.