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Focusing on the basic functions and profitability goals of companies in the new economy will provide advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and agility in outsourcing support functions. Reduce your operational costs with ManAsset's expert staff and cost-oriented outsourcing approach. With 18 years of experience in outsourcing and installation of a shared service center, ManAsset supports you to convert your support functions to variable cost with better service quality and helps to reduce your fixed costs.

ManAsset provides end-to-end human resources and payroll services. While providing these services, first of all, basic performance indicators and current activities are analyzed and new services to be added to these services are determined by management. Thereafter, outsourced services are defined and service levels (SLA) are defined for these services, and gradually, services are transferred to provide more affordable costs and higher quality services.

By using ManAsset outsourcing services, you can convert as many of your human resources services into a service purchase agreement as you can define actions and roadmap for your other processes to be outsourced or transformed into a common service center structure.