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GDPR and Information Security

ManAsset carries out GDPR compliance projects with a methodology that evaluates process, organization and technology together to ensure GDPR compliance by creating inventory, managing risks and taking administrative and technical measures for security.

The appropriate organization for information security should be defined and business processes should be updated according to the information security management system. The use of technology is required to increase the level of information security and ensure sustainability.

The purpose of our services is to improve data security and employee information security, GDPR compliance and to manage the risks. All companies keep similar personal files and process the same data for ISG. Many companies have completed VERBIS registration processes. All companies keep similar data in recruitment, sales, purchasing, financial affairs, production and administrative affairs processes.
We have created a practical and economic "Benchmark and Model Company" for GDPR and VERBİS processes with our 25 years of knowledge security experience and what we learned in our projects. Let's manage your information security and GDPR compliance with our lean, fast and quality services.