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Management and Process Consultancy

Our purpose with the Man-On-Site Management Model is to present our offers and services to you on strategic, structural, executive and operational subjects in parallel with the long term targets of the companies; and give all the knowledge and experience our experts have by developing restoration projects which focus on effectiveness and productivity.

Our services in Management Consultancy:

• Institutionalization

• Determining SME Management Strategies

• Competition Strategy and Sustainability 

• Process Analysis

• Family Corporation Management

• Innovation process

• Change Management

Manasset Staffing Solutions® leads you where you can establish Shared Services by using best practices and you can get outsource services. It provides you the innovative and affordable advantageous solutions for all the decisions you take. ManAsset redefines your company's internal policy and hierarchical structure, creating a fresh operational framework centered around decisive, implementable, and value-added business operations.