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Master Data Management

Businesses whose material master data are incorrect or duplicated, do not manage material requirement planning data dynamically, do not analyze maintenance and repair materials and stocks correctly, allocate their resources to unnecessary stocks and value-added processes. Materials that are duplicated with different codes create unnecessary stocks, increase handling costs and cause the purchase or sale of the same material at different prices.

ManAsset analyzes, develops and develops Customer, Employee, Supplier, Product, Stock, Spare Parts, Service, Service, Current Account, Planning and Production data using Business Intelligence and cloud technologies, and main data into the company culture to ensure that it is managed in a systematic approach. It provides the creation of infrastructures and processes that include management.
With the main data management, ManAsset can improve the management and quality of your main data, save your organization from value-added activities, additional overtime, simplify processes and increase efficiency. In ManAsset, master data management is a basic process that achieves successful results by harmonizing the use of the process, organization and technology with communication, which should be evaluated with a wide perspective.