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Staffing Optimization

ManAsset Staffing Optimization Methodology consists of three steps:

1. Business Analysis
• Sampling,
• Activity analysis,
• Work study,
• Balancing and standardization
• Material analysis,
• Cost analysis

2. Competency Evaluation with AON Technology
• Vidassess
• Assessment
• Simulation

3. Business Intelligence
Business analysis results and operational data are analyzed with business intelligence applications and the norm staff requirements of the institutions are determined with objective criteria.

ManAsset Staffing Optimization Methodology supports Human Resources strategic and operational planning and creates a roadmap for the staff to be determined in terms of quantity and quality and to become a more competitive, cost-oriented and agile organizational structure. Within the scope of the project, how employees use time, outputs produced, time losses are evaluated and added value analysis is made. Lean processes and elimination of value-added jobs are the specialty of the ManAsset Staffing Optimization approach.