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Organizational Structure

  • Establishing Human Resources Systems in a sound infrastructure is vital for complete documentation, legal conformity, corporate history and effective work outputs. First phase of the HR system establishment is to set up this infrastructure. 

  • Manasset Staffing Solutions® that has conducted many successful projects in many different sectors since 2005 advances in all the projects it conducted by combining its information and experience in human resources and business processes. It understands the logic and demands of the process owners and business units very well and creates a human resources structure according to the needs. It realizes that each organization has its own needs and raises the structure it establishes on the foundation of these needs. Manasset Staffing Solutions® that takes the road with the motto “If you measure, you can develop” acts for each company as its business partner and builds measurable and sustainable structures.

  • Determination of HR Strategy and HR SWOT Analysis

  • Definition of HR Manual and Procedures

  • Establishment of Organization Chart

  • Definition of Job Descriptions

  • Establishment of Recruitment System

  • Creation of Orientation Program

  • Establishment of Competency Management System

  • Awards and Warning Systems

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys