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RPO Outsources Solution and Man-on Site

ManAsset UK take the responsibility of mass recruitment process management and operations and give you much more time by taking the burden on shoulders.

What we do for you in the process:

  • Workforce planning

  • Prospective and candidate evaluation

  • Implementation of the requested tests and exams

  • Interview / Group Interview

  • Reference Control

  • Job offer

  • RPO Recruitment Process Management

Man-on Site

Organizational structures of small and medium sized enterprises and of international companies that have limited operations in Turkey do not have chance to establish their own human resources departments due to budget limitations and personnel limits.

Thanks to our Man-On-Site service model where our experts share their HR experiences, we give you a consultancy service in the specific days of the week as your own HR expert in all HR functions and by this way we can provide you both an experienced and wise HR experts, and cost advantage.

With (SLA) service agreement which does not require a legal obligation, you can get benefit from expertise of our HR consultants.