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Temporary Labor and Payroll

Temporary Labor Applications

Do you want to have services in which level you are sure that both your own employees and periodical employees are managed according to company standards and all legal process is completely performed?

  • Let us establish your support teams apart from your main business area.

  • Let us track these teams in our own system.

  • Let us manage their performance, day-offs, personnel information, trainings, occupational health and safety records in our HR platform faultlessly.  

  • Let us share the monthly reports and pay roll details.

  • Let us take the operational business burden on you by creating training profiles of these staff and their effect on your budget, their training needs and employee satisfaction surveys.

        We provide you additional labor force in special projects, when you have staff limitations, during the periods that your workload are heavy and while your employees take annual, maternity or sick leaves. Thus, you may gain advantages like decreased employee costs, flexibility in operating effectiveness, elimination of the payroll and administrative responsibilities, and you also may plan your time efficiently and have skilled labor force during this period of time.

        Besides providing all legal proceedings of temporary staffs, we do give below services to support you in terms of reducing your work load and reducing your costs via using bulk purchasing advantage:

  • Expense Control and Tracking,

  • Car Rental

  • GSM line and Equipment Purchases,

  • Private Health Insurance Agreements,

  • Tracking Annual Leave and Embezzlement,

  • Maternity Leave and Follow-Up Of Milk Permit Process,

  • Occupational Health Services,

  • Travel Organizations,

  • Training Demands,

  • Benefit Management

  • Business Card Printing and Other Printing Needs,

  • Visa Applications

We take over all the services relating with administrative duties of your HR department.