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Beckman Coulter HR Manager - Eda HARMANYERI

Manasset Staffing Solutions® supports us by providing a friendly working environment and its reliable approaches which take the initiative in achieving our strategic goals. They can offer situation-specific solutions by analyzing the needs of the company very good as well as they are flexible, solution oriented and fast. We always trust in Manasset Staffing Solutions® and see it as our effective, productive and fully strategic business partner.

SARTEN Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors - Zeren SARIBEKİR GÜZELBAHAR

We have been working with Manasset Staffing Solutions® for 2 years in the renovation project of Human Resources of SARTEN Packing. Within the scope of this project Manasset Staffing Solutions® team completed restructuring of organizational structure, revision of work definitions, title standardization, writing of HR guidance and HR procedures, SWOT analysis, creating a competence catalogue, renovation of performance, compensation and career management systems and gave necessary training in each phase. Because they are very good at analyzing of our company and success in process-relation-project management, I recommend Manasset Staffing Solutions® to the companies, which want to have service in this area.

MOTOROLA Turkey Country Manager& TABA-AMCham President - Bora GÜRÇAY

It is a team that adopts itself rapidly into the changing dynamics of the sector and our expectations and work in a quality oriented way. We are highly glad with their rapidity and outputs. We believe that we have a strong business partnership with Manasset Staffing Solutions® and this will continue for long years.

SİRONA Turkey General Manager Recep AKÜN

Manasset Staffing Solutions® is an innovative, solution oriented, qualified and fast human resources Consultancy Company. We thank them for their self-sacrificing works and contributions since the day we started to work together,

Scheer Management Country Manager - Çağrı Tolga AVŞAR

I can summarize Manasset Staffing Solutions® from which we receive professional services about Human Resources, Recruitment and General HR consultancy services as Scheer Management Turkey under these topics:
- They give full reports and find the best candidates on time in a field where it is difficult to find qualified resources such as Management Consultancy,
- They always work in a planned, solution and result oriented way.
- They apply positive communications and innovative HR solutions and technologies., 
They know the meaning of customer satisfaction and they always provide the best service no matter what the circumstances are. I can honestly say that Manasset Staffing Solutions® is the best choice for Scheer Management.